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Lloyd is active in the Society for Creative Anachronism, an educational organization dedicated to recreation of the good parts of the middle ages.

Within the SCA, Lloyd is known as Master Llwyd Aldrydd. He resides in the Kingdom of Atlantia. Llwyd and his wife Baroness Kaleeb (as Lloyd's wife Patty is known in the group) live in the Barony of Tir-y-Don in the Kingdom of Atlantia. Llwyd has been Tir-y-Don Baron, Baronial fencing marshal, Baronial Rapier Champion and the Kingdom Rapier Marshal for Atlantia. He has been made a Provost of the Academie d'Espee, Atlantia's Order of the White Scarf and is a member the Order of the Pelican for his service to rapier across the society. A rapier focused version of his SCA resume is available here.

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Fiore studies

I have an interest in studying the combat system of Fiore dei Liberi, published in 1409. I study it both as a historic marshal art and to apply his techniques to SCA combat forms. I was a founder of the Tir-y-Don Fiore Study Group and frequently study and teach Fiore techniques at practice and at Atlantian Universities. I have been recognized with the Order of the Pearl for my HMA work.
[Posta di Donna]

Llwyd's Machine

I'm also known for my SCA rapier weapon force measurement work. In 2013 I built a series of machines to measure the impacts generated by various weapons on the SCA rapier field including the proposed rapier spears. That work is documented and detailed on my Machine page.
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